Geospatial Information System Development

For GIS systems we pride in providing a comprehensive solution for all your needs - From assembling, storing, monitoring, and displaying we can do it all coupled with a user friendly interface for geographic data displays and interactions.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile devices can now be used by business to stay connected even when on the move. Whether you are on the road enroute to see a client or just away from your desk, with the help of applications on your mobile devices you can remain upto date.

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At InfoMill we understand that all animation projects are unique and can be targeted at different audience segments. We provide a one stop solution for all animation and VFX productions.

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Custom Software Development

At InfoMill we are always looking at ways to best suit your business requirements. We offer a customised software development to cater to your business needs.

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Miscellaneous Development Outsourcing

We understand that in every business there are times when projects require all hands on deck plus some more. If you are short of technical staff for a certain project, we can help on a work job basis.

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Data Management

Management and analysis of data is essential to businesses for research purposes, strategic planning, or managerial decision-making. Effective decision making (valid conclusions and sound policies) relies on proper data handling, accuracy and appropriate application of analytic methodologies.

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